Starting University | Make Your Move

Starting University | Make Your Move

Moving home for the first time is notoriously stressful. Students not only have to contend with the grief of leaving their childhood behind, but also sorting out accommodation, completing the university enrolment process, and adopting the new responsibilities of adulthood. It can all feel a bit much. To help students who are struggling with this process, we thought we would share some useful tips that can make the move to university much easier. If you are in need of advice, then you should keep reading to find out what they are.

Create a List for Packing

Being organised can really help with your stress levels and make moving to university much easier. One of the best ways to get organised is by creating a list of everything you need. Sort your belongings into broad categories, like bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen – then create smaller sections within each of these categories. Once you have done this, you can begin ticking off everything you have. Write down any extra items that you will need to buy for university, such as cutlery and drying racks. Having everything down on a piece of paper will clear your head and make the move feel more manageable.

Hire Out a Storage Unit

Your university accommodation will probably not have enough room for all of your belongings, and neither will your old home (once you have acquired all the additional items you need, like pots and duvets). As such, it might be worth investing in a storage unit. This provides students with extra storage and also makes moving back home easier between semesters and academic years. Understanding that most students are strapped for cash, businesses like Stored Away offer storage units at a reduced price for those in higher education. Explore the different options available to you and see if any suit your needs.

Learn the Essentials of Living

The majority of students who move to university have yet to master the essentials of independent living. This includes completing your chores, managing your finances, and sorting out your own appointments. Don’t worry if you feel intimidated by the prospect of these things at first – everybody does. However, don’t avoid doing these things either, as it will make the transition to university much harder. We recommend asking your parents or peers for guidance in these regards. Learning together or from other people’s mistakes is surprisingly helpful.

Brush Up on Your Cooking Skills

We need food to survive, but most students seem to overlook this fact. As a result, they fail to take care of themselves properly and end up becoming unwell. So, before you go to university, get into the habit of cooking for yourself. A few basic skills will carry you a long way. It is also worth getting some greens into your diet. Being physically healthy will make everything much easier to cope with.

We hope that you have found this article helpful. Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing everything. It is a lot of fun being a student, but it can also be really hard!