Spending Smart | Splash Out & Save

Spending Smart | Splash Out & Save

When there are so many great quality items around you, it can become difficult to know when you should be splashing the cash and when it is best to go for the cheaper options. There are some items that are worth investing in, but others that probably will function similarly whether or not you go for the luxury option. Obviously, it does ultimately depend on your own personal lifestyle, priorities, and interests, but if you are looking for a little bit of advice then read on. 

Luxury Staple Items 

When you are buying staple items that you are guaranteed to use over and over again, it makes sense for you to invest in good quality and higher-end items to ensure that you don’t have to keep buying these throughout your life. Examples of staple items are coats, handbags, and purses, which you will use in a variety of circumstances, no matter your age. Therefore, this is where you should put your money, as you will not be wasting it. 


If you are wanting to invest in a lifelong handbag, consider looking at Loewe bags, a trusted brand that you can rely on for quality as well as being fashionable. Look for a reputable retailer with a range of bags by Loewe, so you can find one to best suit your needs. SSENSE for instance have a range of colors, styles, and sizes, so whether you will be using this as a daily handbag or one for the evenings, you will be spoilt for choice there. 


Items Which Boost Your Self Confidence 

When you are spending money, you should be putting yourself first since you are the one that is parting with the cash. Therefore, you should spend money on things that boost your own self-confidence, no matter what these may be. Depending on your priorities, these may be things like make-up, skincare, or hair products, or they may be things that aren’t based on your appearance. 


When it comes to your own personal confidence, nobody can tell you when is best to save or spend money; this should be figured out by you and you only. For instance, if you find an amazing moisturizer but it is a little on the pricey side, go for it if you know it works for you! 


Bold Statement Pieces  

When you are going a little bit out of your comfort zone, buying bold statement pieces is probably not the best thing to spend your cash on. It definitely should still be encouraged that you challenge yourself and your own personal boundaries, but if you feel as though you are taking a risk buying an item, maybe this is one that you should spend a little less on and try and buy second-hand or through a charity shop. This way, you are not being wasteful if you decide that the fashion statement is not for you. 


When you try and make a realistic budget for your spending, you will find that it is much easier to save money, but you can still get all of the items you really need and cherish. This will mean you can put money aside for other things and can even save up to treat yourself with what you haven’t spent!