Redecorating | On a Budget

Redecorating | On a Budget

Redecorating, whilst a lot of fun, can also be costly. It’s a big task to take on, and, if it doesn’t pan out the way you expect, can feel like a waste of money.  In order to avoid this disappointment, use these little tricks to cut cost corners and bring down the price of a project. Though they’ll save you money, they won’t reduce the quality of the decorating you produce. 


Paint isn’t that expensive, yet it will make you feel like you’re in a whole new house. To maximise this benefit, consider what wall colour you have right now. Then, for your new colour, pick the opposite.


That’s not to say that, if you have pink walls, you should suddenly pick orange! The general thought is that, if you have mellower walls – such as cream, white or tan – pick something bolder, like a blue, green or pink. And vice versa: if you currently have a bold wall, why not choose something subtler like a pastel.

Second-hand furniture

Looking for second-hand furniture is a great way to cut corners when it comes to costs. This way, you get the fresh feeling of new items in your house, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. 


Looking second-hand not only benefits you in terms of price. By finding furniture this way, you can end up with some unique pieces, maybe even some cool vintage finds. It will give your house more character, and make for a great talking point.


Keeping an eye out for multifunctional items – e.g. a coffee table with inbuilt storage – can save you money by ensuring you don’t have to buy lots of separate pieces. 


Know where to spend

Yes, this post is about cutting costs, but as much as it’s important to know where to save money, it’s equally vital to know where to spend. You don’t want to avoid spending on crucial areas like structural integrity, or you’ll just wrack up costs for yourself later down the line when things break


Using proper companies like Fosroc for building materials will keep your home supported well and your decorating lasting a long time. This way, though you spend a little more now, you save yourself money in the future. 


If you see a piece of furniture that is on the pricey side, consider how long it will last you. Sometimes it helps to think about the cost split up into the number of years you expect to use it. It may seem significant as a lump sum but split up like that it can look reasonable. 

Redecorating can be a challenge

Though redecorating is a lot of fun, it’s also time-consuming and often tiring. But by the end of it, you’ll feel thrilled by your new living space, and relieved you haven’t completely blown the budget. By following these tips, you can enjoy the reset redecorating provides, without the stress of financial strain.