Post-Pandemic Wedding | Supporting the bride-to-be

Post-Pandemic Wedding | Supporting the bride-to-be

Getting married used to seem like something that was just meant to be. All things came together naturally on a wedding day, whether its all the varying logistics or the guests from different parts of the world.

However, recent times have meant these special occasions have been bombarded with numerous restrictions to keep people safe. Though limits have been lifted regarding how many people can celebrate, venues must still abide by social distancing rules and restrict dancing and singing. Therefore, bride-to-bes of today may understandably feel somewhat discouraged.

In these turbulent times, you no doubt wish to be there for the worried bride-to-be in your life. Keep reading for a few tips on how you can do just that. 

Provide Perspective 

Many people focus on the big wedding day instead of wholly appreciating what theyre committing to – a lifelong relationship with their partner. 

Though the disappointment of a restricted wedding day is understandable, try to offer some perspective here. Gently remind the worried bride-to-be that her wedding isnt about one glorious day but about all the wonderful days that follow on from there. Its not the finish line but instead the beginning of a truly incredible journey. 

Many brides-to-be have tried to find ways to make the restrictions work for them, so source some inspiration too. Perhaps they could throw a first wedding anniversary party next year to make up for the limits this year? Maybe the wedding will be a more intimate and atmospheric occasion, which can be just as romantic. They may have fewer logistical nightmares to struggle through also. Ultimately, theres always a way to put a positive spin on things. 

Recommend Helpful Services 

After youve (hopefully) raised the bride-to-bes spirits, its time to be proactive.

For example, if your bride-to-be needs to find eyelash extension services, then check out lash studios in your local area. If youre based in the South West of the UK, then Bristol-based Lash and Brow Studio offers Microblading in Bristol. You can check out the range of services on offer, including Microblading, and recommend the service to your bride. 

Recommend helpful services that will inspire and invigorate. It may replace worrisome what if thoughts with positive plans, too. Ultimately, the bride-to-be may need reminders that all is not lost and that theres still room to innovate and be creative with their big day. 

Show Pride for the Bride-to-be

At the best of times, getting married is a big and brave decision. However, during such a chaotic year, the drive to go ahead with their commitment is worth extra praise. 

Instead of the occasion being a constant whirlwind of love and laughter, there may be elements of the big day that are bittersweet instead. Crucial persons may be missing due to any travel or personal restrictions, and specific criteria from the bride-to-bes wish list may also be absent. To proceed anyway highlights the strength of their love and arguably their willingness to sacrifice.  

Appreciating that side of things could help the bride-to-be feel seen. After all, theres nothing worse than great efforts going unappreciated. Therefore, acknowledging what the bride-to-be is going through and willingly giving up could be crucial in helping her wellbeing.