Making Plans | The Impact of the Pandemic

Making Plans | The Impact of the Pandemic

 The last two years have been pretty miserable for most of the world as the Covid-19 pandemic has claimed 4.5 million lives. In response to the pandemic, life as we know it is pretty much over, and the world will never be the same. But, unfortunately, while vaccinations are underway in developed nations, most of the world still hasn’t nearly the capacity or infrastructure to cope.

As tragic as it is, you cannot put your own life on hold, and positivity plays a crucial role in getting through the next few years because it’s not going to be easy. Although countries like the US and UK are getting to grips with the virus, the effects will be felt for a long time. Society is still not fully integrated, and there is a significant backlog of social events. And there is still the chance of a mutated variant that will fight vaccination. 

Reconsider Your Nuptials

Throughout 2020, over 130,000 couples had to postpone or cancel their wedding, at the cost of £5.3 billion to the UK wedding industry. This means there is a massive backlog of weddings waiting to go ahead, so don’t worry about how to choose a wedding photographer just yet. There is no guarantee that a new strain of Covid will emerge, just as the Delta Variant has. Also, health officials have warned that there is a high chance that a mutation of Covid could be vaccine-resistant. Or maybe it’s time to think which you’d rather, just be married or that huge party?


Take Precautions at Family Gatherings

Although mass vaccination of developed nations is well underway, you should still be cautious in social situations moving forward. While mass gatherings and family events and occasions are legally allowed, many are still unvaccinated. And even if you are fully vaccinated, you can still carry the virus. It may or may not harm you, and you can pass it on to someone whom it will. Official advice is to maintain social distancing and continue to wear a mask and wash your hands.


Wait for the Housing Market to Settle

To everyone’s surprise, the housing market enjoyed a boom throughout the highest peaks of the pandemic. House prices soared as people looked to upgrade to a larger home because of employment duties and home-schooling that required a larger property. If you are selling your home, then this is an obvious advantage. However, if you are looking to buy, it might be best to hold off a little before making a decision, as prices may drop at any point.


Become a Semi-Prepper

With mass vaccination and falling infection rates, you would be forgiven for thinking that the worst is over. But this is far from the truth. Many health officials have warned that a new strain could be just as deadly as the current virus, and we may see another pandemic. Because of this, more lockdown life isn’t off the table. So thinking back to the toilet roll shortage of 2020, it might be wise to buy a little more of the essentials than usual each week when you do your shopping – just no need for the crazy stockpiling!