Home Improvements | The Windows

Home Improvements | The Windows

 One of the top ways to improve your property is by focusing on the windows. That may seem strange, but did you ever stop and think about how important the windows are to your home? They let light in and out, but they’re also a key feature of your home’s design. You consider the windows whenever you design your interiors, and they are eye catching from the outside. Therefore, if you can find ways to improve your windows, you will improve your property as a whole. Here are some ideas to use as inspiration:

Install window film

Window film is a very thin material that’s installed onto the glass pane of your windows. It can sometimes be invisible to the naked eye, but it depends on the type of film you choose. For something like mirrored window film installation, you won’t see the film at all. But, you can get frosted window film that gives the windows a more frosted look. This particular style is great if you want more privacy!


In general, window film is an improvement as the film can make your windows more energy efficient. Not only that, but specific styles can make them look newer and more aesthetically pleasing.


Replace the glass

Yes, it is possible to only replace the glass window pane while leaving the frame untouched. This is a good idea if you’re happy with the frames but want a new window design. You may choose frosted windows, ones with different patterns on them, or even a completely different coloured piece of glass! There are many opportunities when replacing the glass in your windows, and they will all alter the way your home looks and feels. So, get creative and see what opportunities await!


Replace the frames

Similarly, you can replace the window frames without needing to get new glass panes. This is a brilliant idea if your window frames are rotting or really worn down. Typically, this is an issue for older homes – particularly those with wooden frames. Also, plastic window frames can be problematic as mould or mildew can grow on them thanks to water damage from the weather. In any case, if your frames look a bit worse for wear, some new installations will make a huge difference. If new frames aren’t quite necessary, what about painting them?


Clean your windows

Yep, it really is as simple as this! Give your windows a deep clean to remove any dirt and grime from the glass and frame. Do this regularly, and you will see a dramatic change in how beautiful your property is. Don’t forget to do this both inside and out! Too many people will either wash the outside of their windows or the inside – but never both of them. Pay close attention to the frames as well, seeing as they tend to be the dirtiest. 


Honestly, windows are such an underappreciated element of your home. They’re the only part of your house that works with both the interior and exterior design. Nice windows can improve curb appeal, increase property value, and accentuate the beauty of your interiors.