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Home Happenings | Relaxing Haven

Home is where you can be yourself. It is a place where you can relax and let your guard down. But for a lot of people, a beautifully decorated home can sometimes still fail to offer the relaxation ground they need. Why does it happen? 

There’s a small but significant difference between creating a beautiful interior and establishing a relaxing environment. Thankfully, your home can be both. You can find smart additions that will bring a new sense of peacefulness and comfort to the place. Here are 5 smart ideas to transform your home. 


An accent rug

Carpeted floors feel warm in summer. They can also get tough to clean, especially if you have pets. Pet hair and dust can accumulate within the carpet fibres. So, that’s why a lot of homeowners choose to remove the carpet inside their homes. Unfortunately, hard floors can lack in cosiness. But, the addition of a rug can help address the issue. A soft and thick colourful rug or a rustic cowhide — click here now to find top quality cowhide rugs at the best price — elevates your decor instantly. It can inject the right level of cosy comfort into any room. 


A hot tub 

At the end of a long day, all you want is to sit down and relax. But somehow, sitting on the sofa in front of the TV doesn’t quite hit the spot. Your mind wanders freely, but your body is still tense from a long day at the office. Instead, it can be a great idea to consider the addition of a hot tub in the garden. End the day with a soothing bath, feeling your muscles relax inside the water. It’s the ideal evening activity between friends or with your family. And you can even make it cheeky with a glass of red. 

An essential oil diffuser

Essential oil is a secret wonder. It’s hard-working inside your home. And it can fulfil so many functions that it’s surprising, so many homeowners still don’t know about its properties. You can use essential oil to reduce cold and flu risks in winter, to keep your interior smelling fresh, and to boost your creativity. Some oils are also helpful to relieve stress, such as lavender essential oil and bergamot essential oil. An elegant oil diffuser can elevate your interior style and soothe your nerves. 


An aquarium

A fish tank might seem like an odd idea. But research shows that contact with nature can provide stress relief. Keeping a fish can significantly reduce anxiety. According to Plymouth University, watching an aquarium can lead to a visible reduction in heart rate and blood pressure. Aquariums are a smart decor feature in medical environments, such as waiting rooms or nursing homes. But they can also help reduce stress levels at home. 

Sofa cushions

Lastly, nothing says cosy like a mountain of cushions on a sofa. Decorative cushions encourage people to sit down and simply relax. To the human man, a couch with decoration cushions feels more comfortable and inviting than one without. It’s certainly worth a try! 


Creating a relaxing interior doesn’t have to break the bank or radically transform your decor. In fact, you can focus on smart additions, from a set of cushions on the couch to a hot spa in the garden. Little touches can go a long way!