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 Your home is more than just the interior. What’s on the outside counts too. If you have a garden space or front yard and realised that you have neglected it throughout the years then now might be the time you want to consider upgrading it to boost its curb appeal. Whether you are planning to move soon or in the future, your garden will have a great impact on the interest of potential buyers. Here are the best exterior upgrades to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Spruce up the garden

A neglected garden can instantly show that you do not care for it. Overgrown grass, flowers, and a lack of care can instantly say a lot about the home. A little care will go a long way. Simply taking down old trees with Sydney Tree Company or attending to the bushes and grass will make the garden look fresh and inviting again. When the buyers look around the home and see the garden is well-cared-for it will show that you care for your home and increase their interest. 


Paint the door and entranceway

Redecorating your entryway with a quick upgrade to your exterior with a lick of paint can instantly make the entrance look more appealing. You may have neglected taking care of your porch. But don’t forget, this is the first thing buyers will see when they approach the home. If the paintwork is old and the entrance isn’t very inviting, it may put buyers off. A freshen-up of the same color or a minimal color will upgrade the entranceway in next to no time. 

Add lights

Buyers can come to look at your home at any time of day. If they are interested, they might even pop by in the evening to see what the home is like at dusk, for lighting and neighborhood atmosphere. Adding lights can make a home look more inviting as well as increase its security, which can be very attractive for buyers.


Tidy up the drive

Most driveways are built with gravel, which can easily get messy and make the exterior of your home look disheveled. Tidying up the gravel can make the appearance of your home look much neater. Along with that, decluttering anything outside your homes, such as a pile of compost or leaves, can also make the appearance attractive. 


Uncover the windows

Although window coverings are on the inside of the home, they add to the home’s exterior. Taking down blinds and curtains will open up the inside of the home as well as the outside. It will enhance the natural light and make the home appear fresher and more welcoming. Blinds and curtains can often make a home look darker than it is. The likelihood that new buyers will want a light and airy home is high, so enhancing the light and making it more open will satisfy these preferences. 


If you are soon to put your home on the market or are considering selling it, upgrade your home’s exterior to boost its curb appeal and attract more buyers. 



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