Teacher Life | Cricut in my Classroom

Teacher Life | Cricut in my Classroom

I bought my Cricut machine back in February with a few crafty ideas up my sleeve, like my photo storage. Even though I’ve got my Etsy shop it wasn’t my intention to add any any bits to it, but never say never. Instead I knew I’d get loads of use out of the Cricut machine because of my job – Primary School Teacher.  Now I know a Cricut machine is quite an expensive teaching aid but I thought it would be worth showing some of the ways I’ve been using in my classroom so far… 

Classroom Displays

Gone are the days of cutting out each individual letter to make stand out displays. The Cricut machine is such a time saver and it’s given me the chance to add variety to the headings. This ‘Donut Stress Try Your Best’ display is part of our target setting and the children’s work was added afterwards. The Cricut works really well for adding a heading to displays as you can get the exact size you want with every little effort.

Children’s Resources

Being able to label up different trays and containers that hold the children’s resources makes keeping them organised so much more efficient. It’s not easy to add bold labels to containers like these metal buckets and there’s nothing worse than having to relabel things multiple times throughout the year. The bold, clear label on my homework tray makes it easy for all the children but also any other staff that are in my classroom. No printing, cutting, laminating and sellotaping needed here!

Teacher Resources

I love personalised things but it’s not always the most affordable option. I bought this pencil case from Shein for £1.40, a quick vinyl later and there’s no denying who it belongs to. Lots of resources can easily go walkabouts in school so adding your name to different supplies can be handy. Stapler, scissors and hole-punch are next on my list.


This isn’t the typical sort of thing I’d have up in my room but last year when we returned to the classroom from lockdown I wanted to make it feel a little more special for the children. I put a balloon arch up in our doorway and added a personalised balloon to welcome them back. It’s nice to be able to add a personalised touch to different things throughout the year.