Self-care | 4 Surprising Activities

Self-care | 4 Surprising Activities

When was the last time you consciously did something to care for yourself? How did you feel after? Did you enjoy it?  Self-care is considered as the activities you purposely do to care for your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Even though there are several self-care activities such as a healthy skincare routine, or even neck lift surgery that is done deliberately to pamper or care for yourself, there are others you have been doing that you probably did not realise also counts as self-care. Here are some surprising activities you never imagined as self-care.

Complimenting another person

When you make others feel good, it leaves an effect on you. Speaking a kind word or two to another person leaves you positively feeling good about yourself and even happy. Compliments include admiring someone’s sense of fashion or pointing out beautiful traits about them. It can be directed to a friend, a colleague or even a stranger. It will put a smile on their faces, create a good impression about you to them and lift your mood. This shows that complimenting others is no waste of time as you also benefit from it as a way of self-care. The next time you go out, do not hesitate to give kind compliments to people you meet. The little act of kindness goes a long way.


A phone conversation with a friend or family

Whether it is a voice call or video call, having a conversation with a close family or friend is a way to care for yourself. After a tiring day, a phone conversation can be rewarding as it will reduce or kill stress. Talking about what worries you with someone will put your mind at ease. You get to free your mind of the thoughts stressing you out and even laugh about it. On a tiring day, this laughter-filled conversation will make you feel more relaxed and calmer. Remember the last time you had a phone conversation with your friend and how you felt after it ended. Do not hesitate to place a phone call to talk to the people close to you when you feel overwhelmed. It could be a conference call between you and a few of your friends. The topics you discuss or share do not always have to be serious. You can talk about funny and light matters or even remember some memories from the past.


Making a list or writing in your diary

Did you know that writing a list of things you want to do or writing a journal about something that happened to you is self-care? It eases the burden of your life activities from your mind and helps you to focus and centre your mind on what needs to be done. On a day or in a season where you have to deal with a lot on your plate, writing them down will help you get things done quickly and efficiently. Although the brain is a powerful tool for accomplishing something, overloading it can cause stress and emotional meltdown. Writing is a way to offload some information to put your mind at ease and reduce stress. It may be anything ranging from a simple grocery list or a list of goals you want to achieve in a period of time. If you have been writing plans and keeping a journal, then you have been practising self-care.


Clearing and arranging your room

There is a satisfaction that comes with seeing your room or space clean and well arranged. A serene and clean environment makes room for productivity which benefits you. A number of people do not enjoy cleaning their area, cleaning dishes and keeping their belongings well organised. However, it is a treat in that you will feel good about it when it is finished. A clean room means adequate ventilation for you, as well as dirt-free environs; the result of clearing the clutter in your room is a service to yourself. The next time you have the opportunity to organise your space, keep in mind that you are caring for yourself.

Everyone requires self-care, and it is essential for your emotional and mental wellbeing. You can find out more ways and things you can do to care for yourself and create an engaging and relaxing self-care routine. Remember that you can only care or be there for others if you do the same for yourself first. So, give yourself all the love and care that you need, and you can reciprocate it to others.