DIY Craft | Photo Storage

Since Ollie was born I’ve been using Free Prints every single month to order photos. 45 free prints each month soon adds up. I made scrapbooks to document his first year but after that I wasn’t sure what to do with the left over photos and all of the months that follow. An advert on Instagram inspired me to get crafty and with a little help from my Cricut and Hobbycraft I made a Personalised Photo Keeper Case

The pastel plastic storage box with 16 boxes was £24 from Hobbycraft, though typically it’s out of stock now. Each box is the perfect size for standard 6×4 photos and can fit up to 100 photos. Because I made a scrapbook for 2020 I only used two boxes, splitting the photos up into the first 6months and the last 6 months. The rest of the boxes hold two months of photos. 

I used my trusty Cricut Explore Air 2 to make vinyl labels. Each label was about 10cm wide and 8.5cm long to make sure they’d fit in the centre of the box. I used the font Stay Wonderful which I download from Creative Fabrica. There are 8 different coloured boxes so I used silver vinyl to make sure it stands out on every colour. The only thing left to do is personalise the outer case. 
I mentioned that Hobbycraft was all sold out of these pastel boxes but they did have mini pastel storage boxes with 6 boxes for £12, however stock did look low. It’s worth checking Hobbycraft every so often for stock as the same thing happened with the pink trolley I use to store my Oh So Printed supplies. If you can’t wait for Hobbycraft then Amazon has bright coloured sets for £25.99 or clear sets for £24.99. 



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